Mention Canada anywhere in the world and images of snow covered mountains come to mind. What better way to experience the ultimate in powder snow than a visit to Canada’s snow covered peaks accessible only by Helicopter or Snow Cat.

Heli- Skiing
Heli-skiing is the ultimate skiing vacation. With more than 10 Heli-ski operations and thousands of square miles of skiable terrain, western Canada is home to the worlds best powder skiing. Packages start at $625.00 Cdn. for a single day, and $4,000 Cdn for 7 days; 100,000 vertical feet complete with meals and accommodation. A package can be found to suite your needs.
Sno-Cat Skiing
For those who want to experience true back country powder at a more affordable price, a Snow Cat package may be the answer. While the total terrain of a Snow Cat operation is not as expansive as those of Heli operations Cat skiing can offer upwards of 10,000 vertical feet per day at costs that start at $450.00 Cdn for one day and $2,500 Cdn for 1 week, including accommodation and all meals.
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